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This site provides Sanskrit resources and practical support for all students worldwide who wish to study Sanskrit in a systematic and enjoyable way.   The courses start with the understanding of simple Sanskrit sentences, and lead step by step to the reading and understanding of original texts. Our traditional approach also shows the systematic, scientific nature of the Sanskrit language.

The course materials are ideal preparation for the examinations provided by the University of Cambridge International Examinations.  These international examinations are primarily for students of 16 years of age, but are available to students of all ages.  The qualifications are recognised by universities world-wide.

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  Listen to IGCSE Bhagavad Gita verses: YouTube         List of verses

Chapter 1 Epic Civilisation for IGCSE: YouTube       Overview

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13.08.20:       Provisional IGCSE exam dates 2021:

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22.12.19:       Join a highly recommended class in April 2020: new London class

07.08.19:       Updated Supplementary IGCSE Literature Study booklet created for students who are at an early stage of their studies. This gives extra help with the simplest stories. click here

13.6.19:         NEW Two Year Self Study Course Booklet, including links to videos and MP3s 



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