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Some nouns for IGCSE 2019 (audio, spoken): Introduction  Rama,  Sita,  mitram,(friend)  hari  guru (teacher)  nadi (river)  sah, saa, tat (he, she, it/that)  aham, tvam (I, you)

Some verbs for IGCSE 2019 (audio, spoken): bhavati (he becomes - present tense), abhavat (he became - past), bhavisyati (he will become - future)  vardhate (he grows - present), vardhishyate (he will grow - future), avardhata (he grew - past)  asti (he is - present), asit (he was - past)  

NOTE: labhate 'he finds' use the same endings as vardhate and can be used as extra practice:  labhate, (present)   alabhata, (past)   lapsyate (future) 

VIDEOS:  NEW! Have fun singing the paradigms with short YouTube videos (more coming soon):

Rama  Sita  mitram  tat  aham and tvam  Universal noun endings

bhavati  vardhate  See more by visiting: Sanskrit grammar

As above, but audio versions to download (more coming soon):

Rama  Sita  tat  aham and tvam Universal noun endings   bhavati  vardhate  avardhata vardhishyate



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