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Free Course Books and Materials for IGCSE

The following study materials and books may be downloaded for individual use. 

Sanskrit knowledge - students can be 'fast-tracked' using the 'An Introductory Book from Year 7' with Answers.


1. IGCSE Part 1 and IGCSE Part 2  These follow on from Mahabharata Book 3 (see Published Course books).

2. Epic Civilisation Course book    (Extra: Chapter 1 Epic Civilisation for IGCSE: YouTube       Overview) 

3. IGCSE Set Literature Study Aid    Translations  (Listen to IGCSE Bhagavad Gita verses: YouTube         List of verses)

3a. Supplementary IGCSE literature workbook (updated 7.8.19) created for students who are at an early stage of their studies. This gives extra help with the simplest stories. It does not replace the main Literature Study Aid.

Extra Support:

1. Language Revision Workbook    (A revision booklet covering most of the grammar required for IGCSE as well as exercises.)

2. Paradigm lists & videos:  Nouns  Verbs   Audio and video

3. Rearranged vocabulary: starred list  'Sanskrit only' list (These lists of IGCSE words are in categories rather than being alphabetical.)


1. Videos for IGCSE - see side menu. Starts from the alphabet!  Accompanied by published study books and homework is suggested. Tests which follow Series 2, Videos 1, 4 and 7 should be helpful for checking progress. More tests and answers may be found in the tutors' section.

2. Guided Self Study Course - For students who already have a basic understanding of simple sentences.



Note that these books include literature extracts for practice only; literature which will be examined is listed in no. 5 above.

                           St James Sanskrit Course Book 1A                           

                           St James Sanskrit Course Book 1   

                           St James Sanskrit Course Book 2  

                           St James Sanskrit Course Book 3 



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