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Free Option B Course Books and Materials for 2018

The following study materials and books may be downloaded for individual use. Institutions preparing students for the IGCSE examinations are welcome to use the materials but should register that use with ISER. 

An overview of the contents of each book can be viewed on the Examination Preparation  page. The course is copyright to St James Schools:


(Previous experience of Sanskrit at a more basic level is assumed, however completely new students should catch up using this 'Year 7 Introductory Book'. )

MAIN BOOKS:  St James Sanskrit Course Book 1/pre-Year 7:  St James Sanskrit Course Book 1a  

                           St James Sanskrit Course Book 1/Year 7:   St James Sanskrit Course Book 1   (mainly for vowel sandhi section p 45)

                           St James Sanskrit Course, book 2:   St James Sanskrit Course Book 2  

                           St James Sanskrit Course, book 3:   St James Sanskrit Course Book 3 

                           Epic Civilisation Course: This course may be printed directly from the syllabus. 


1. Paradigm lists:  Nouns  Verbs 

2. Rearranged vocabulary list:  This list is in categories rather than being alphabetical.  This can provide a helpful way of testing and remembering the words. List

3. Set Text Stories for 2010 onwards:   IGCSE Set Text Book

4. List of Option B grammar sutras: this is the alternative option which is set against the Hitopadesha stories. Panini Sutra list   

5. IGCSE Option B Exam study workbook: This covers most of the grammar required for Option B as well as exercises, all the set texts needed to prepare for the Option B exam and the Epic Civilization course. For more experienced candidates this could be be used instead of St James Books 2 and 3. Click Here


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