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CIE Sanskrit exams in 2018

For IGCSE Option A 2018:

If students have already studied Sanskrit in your school up to Year 8 or 9, they can prepare for an IGCSE in 2018.

The Option A foundation exam may be the most practical for students whose language study has been rather basic as it does not include sandhi.  

Before the exam itself, the main points on this summary sheet need to be covered.  

Language revision exercises and Set Text translation help:  Option A Exam Revision  and  Option A Examination Workbook

The Epic Civilization course and the Option A Set Vocabulary:  syllabus   Also, extra help with vocabulary learning

Extra practice:  link to Brainscape website click here

For IGCSE Option B 2018:

If students have already studied a Sanskrit course in your school up to Year 9 or 10 (14 or 15 years of age) it is possible to prepare for an Option B exam in 2018. Before the exam, the main points on this summary sheet should be covered.

Language revision exercises, Set Text translation help, and Epic Civilisation notes:

IGCSE Sanskrit Option B  St James Senior Course Book 2  and St James Senior Course Book 3  give more background help on compound words, sandhi, etc as needed.

Extra practice:  link to Brainscape website click here

If you have questions or need help please do not hesitate to contact ISER

At all levels of exam, students should always practise past exam paper questions before doing the actual exam.
For AS and A Level 2018 onwards:

Students need to have followed a systematic Sanskrit course previously.  A good pass at IGCSE Option B or CBSE Year 10 examination would provide an appropriate foundation for continuing study. 

AS and A Level Literature study booklets are available in the Tutors' section together with a suggested reading list which will help with essay writing. 

In addition: 'The Sanskrit Language, An Introductory Grammar & Reader Vols 1 & 2' , by Walter Harding Maurer (available to order online). This provides plenty of practice for the 'language' aspect of the AS and A Level examinations.



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