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The following study materials and books may be downloaded for individual use, or for use in institutions preparing students for the IGCSE examinations.  The contents are copyright to St James Schools: 

Year 7/St James Book 1 Answer Book - relates to Option A study

St James Book 2 Answer Book - relates to Option B study in the first half of Book 2 (Year 8)

St James Book 2 Answer Book - relates to Option B study in the second half of Book 2 (Year 9)

St James Book 3 Answer Book - relates to final year of Option B study

BOOK             TEST                        ANSWERS                      
 Sanskrit is Fun Book 1  Test  Answers
 Sanskrit is Fun Book 2    
 Sanskrit is Fun Book 3    
 Krishna Book 1   Test  Answers
 Krishna Book 2  Test  Answers
 Rama Book 1  Test   Answers
   Test  Answers
 Rama Book 2  Test  Answers
 Mahabharata Book 1  Find under Video 1, Series 2, IGCSE 2019   Answers 
 Mahabharata Book 2  Find under Video 4, Series 2, IGCSE 2019  See above
 Mahabharata Book 3  Find under Video 7, Series 2, IGCSE 2019  See above* 
 St James Senior Course Books  Supplementary Test Book  











*Errata: Mahabharata Book 3, Part 1, 'sandhi': 'purumitratrah jayo' should be 'purumitratro jayo'

 Note: 1. If the paradigms/forms are not known fully by the teacher, access to the Mahabharata Books will be needed, or go to the declension and conjugation sheets listed on this page:

2. The teacher may need to supply pupils with a revision sheet of vocabulary etc before the day of the test.

3. If any of the tests are too long they may be divided into sections which are more appropriate for the ability of their particular pupils.


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