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About the IGCSE Option A Examination

Option A is the Foundation level examination for 2018. The syllabus refers to this as 'core' material because it also forms the basis of the Option B examination requirement.

Grades for this level are C - G

This is the first of the series of possible examinations.  Syllabus content includes basic grammar, but no sandhi.  Simplified stories from the Mahabharata form the literature set text study.


Available study books which help prepare for this level are:

The Rama Stories, Books 1 and 2: these provide graded stories, exercises and grammar at an appropriate level.  (Available from Amazon and other online booksellers)

Mahabharata Book 1 : as above, but including the grammar required for some more advanced issues coming up in the stories. (Available from Amazon and other online booksellers)

Specific exam preparation:

Option A Examination Preparation (downloadable free): revises all the grammar required and relates it to examples in the exam set text stories.  Also provides the Option A vocabulary, declensions and conjugations.  (See Free Option A resources)

Epic Civilisation Course (downloadable free - see appendices in syllabus).  (See IGCSE syllabus)

Option A vocabulary (downloadable free - see appendices in syllabus)


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