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Examination Timing

Examination entries should be submitted before the end of January 2018 please.  It is helpful, for administration purposes, if candidates contact the exam centre at which they would like to register, well in advance of the deadline.  This gives exam centres plenty of time to notify Cambridge International Examinations (UK) that they have candidates.  Centres will then receive all relevant information and support relevant to the conduct of the examinations. If there is any problem at all about the entry process please contact ISER.

IGCSE examinations take place in May, and AS/A Levels in May/June.  

The dates for the 2018 examinations are as follows:


IGCSE 0499 Sanskrit

Paper 02 (Options A & B) : Thursday 10th May, AM (1.5 hours)

Paper 01 (Option A) OR Paper 03 (Option B): Friday 11th May, AM (2 hours)

8608 Sanskrit (AS)

Paper 01: Tuesday 5th June, AM (2 hours)

Paper 02: Wednesday 6th June, AM (1.5 hours)

9606 Sanskrit (A Level)

Paper 01: Tuesday 5th June, AM (2.5 hours)

Paper 02: Wednesday 6th June, AM (2.5 hours)

Paper 03: Thursday 7th June, AM (2.5 hours)


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