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Study hints for Option B

1. It is important that students refer to the Option A & B grammar listing on pages 18 onwards of the syllabus whilst studying for the examinations. 

2. St James Sanskrit Course, books 2 & 3 include grammar and the new set texts necessary for the ‘extended’ Option B examination as well as the remaining grammar needed to deal with the higher level Option B examinations. Whilst set texts may be found according to the references given in the syllabus, these St James books give additional help with vocabulary as well as presenting the stories in clear, modern, larger type. The Option B (extended) vocabulary is also included at the back of the books.  See Free Option B Resources.

3. It is expected that students will have studied all the Option A grammar as well, although the Mahabharata set texts are not needed for the Option B exam.  Students do not have to have taken the Option A exam previously.

4. List of grammar sutras for Option B: This is also available from the Option B Free Course Books page for students taking the grammar option rather than the Hitopadesha option.

5. Set Text Stories for 2010: This booklet contains just the set texts for the Option A and Option B examinations. This will be especially useful for students who have already purchased the older St James Course Books or who want clean copies for revision and testing.  See Free Option B Books & Resources. Please note that the third line of Ch 1 verse 26 has been omitted from the Set Text Book. The line begins begins ‘shvashuraan’ and ends with ‘api’. Apologies for any inconvenience.

7. Epic CIvilization Course:  This course may be printed directly from the syllabus. It is designed to provide a background view of the great Sanskrit Epic tradition. Whilst understanding the concepts, learning should be focussed on the summary points at the end of each chapter.

8. Noun and Verb Paradigm lists: These are divided into 'Core' and 'Extended' lists and need to be used alongside the coursebooks.  They are available from this website.  See Free Option B Books and Resources.

Note for school administrators: If the above books are to be used for the formal teaching of children in a school context, a suitable program appropriate to different age groups is available.

Do not hesitate to contact the administrator if there are questions relating to the study books or to the Sanskrit content.


Last update: 6.09.13