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Published Study Books - information and ordering

There are published study books which lead from the very beginning right up to IGCSE examination level for the forseeable future.  These books are suitable for students working on their own, but they also provide excellent workbooks for pupils in lessons, saving teachers an enormous amount of planning and preparation work.  The books have been used for many years for school pupils and have proved themselves to be effective learning materials.

These books are all published by Motilal Barnarsidass and are available from many retailers as follows:

Sanskrit is Fun Part 1  ISBN (Paperback):  812083545X, 9788120835450

Sanskrit is Fun Part 2  ISBN (Paperback):  8120835468, 9788120835467

Sanskrit is Fun Part 3  ISBN (Paperback):  8120835476, 9788120835474


The Stories of Krishna (Parts I - II Bound Together)  ISBN(Hardbound):  8120835980, 9788120835986

The Stories of Krishna, Part 1  ISBN (Paperback):  8120835484, 9788120835481

The Stories of Krishna, Part 2  ISBN (Paperback):  8120835492, 9788120835498


The Story of Rama Part  1  ISBN (Paperback):  81208355069788120835504

The Story of Rama Part 2  ISBN (Paperback):  81208355149788120835511


Stories from the Mahabharata (free DVD available if 3 books ordered together)

ISBN : 978-81-208-4014-0 (PB Part I)

ISBN : 978-81-208-4015-7 (PB Part II)

ISBN : 978-81-208-4016-4 (PB Part III)


ISBN : 978-81-208-4013-3 (Set HB)

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