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Assistance for teachers and tutors:

For help, contact ISER

Sanskrit teachers will be supplied with a password and login which gives access to some additional past papers and relevant tutor information. The login information is available on request. 

Do you need a teacher?

If you are studying Sanskrit, or wishing to study Sanskrit with a view to attempting the CIE examinations but do not have  teacher at present, you are most welcome to ask for advice and information. Teachers who are qualified in Sanskrit at all levels are resident throughout Britain and elsewhere so whatever the stage of study which has been reached it should be possible to offer assistance to most interested students.  


Classes for beginners, as well as for more advanced students, are available at the Bhavan Centre, West London and various workshops are offered by The School of Economic Science, 11 Mandeville Place, London. 

Classes for students at all levels are available through The Veda Foundation at several locations in East London and Essex.

A new free 'Sanskrit and Vedanta' course working towards the IGCSE exam starts every 2 years in central London.  Contact David Stollar at for further information about future classes.

Self Study courses



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