International Sanskrit Examination Resource

Two Year Supported Self-Study Course for Cambridge IGCSE®


This course includes learning of Sanskit language, study of literature (including the Bhagavad Gita) and an introduction to Epic and Vedantic thought.

The course consists of 6 booklets which include embedded links to videos and practice resources, plus accompanying MP3s giving brief explanations*.


Please apply to for:

- Video password

- Term 1 weekly MP3s to accompany the booklet Term 1 Study Book (incl answers)  First MP3  Vocabulary list

- Email support as needed - Registration requirement email support only

The deadline for entry for the IGCSE examination is the end of January each year. Even if you are not concerned with gaining qualifications, if you do enter it can help to keep this Sanskrit exam available in secondary schools. 


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NOTE: A Skype supported course in 2020 for yoga teachers may be offered. If you would have questions or wish to register your interest, please send your location (time zone) and the fact that you are responding to this offer, to   

*Complete beginners should watch videos 1 to 9 (see side menu) and study this booklet    

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